In this international research training group, the doctoral students undertake the study of droplet interaction phenomena. Grazia Lamanna, Universität Stuttgart, Institute of Aerospace Thermodynamics, Faculty Member.

, Doctoral Researcher, Ertl Group, Visualization Research Center (VISUS), University of Stuttgart Staff: Lukas Ostrowski, M. Mitarbeiter-Profil : Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mitarbeiter , Arbeitsgruppe Ertl, Visualisierungsinstitut der Universität Stuttgart (VISUS), Universität Stuttgart Studies Finite Element Modeling, Aerospace structural design, and Aeronautical. Staff: Alexander Straub, M. Sc. Grazia Lamanna, Principal Investigator, Institut für Thermodynamik der Luft- und Raumfahrt, Universität Stuttgart , Wiss. Staff: Dr.-Ing. Joachim Groß, Institutsleiter, Studiendekan Verfahrenstechnik sowie Chemie- und Bioingenieurwesen, Institut für Technische Thermodynamik und Thermische Verfahrenstechnik, Universität Stuttgart Mitarbeiter-Profil : Alexander Straub, M. Sc. Sc., Research assistant, Chair of Applied Mathematics, Institute of Applied Analysis and Numerical Simulation, University of Stuttgart
Task Force: Experiments Description High-resolution and imaging-based experimental investigations are a common topic in Research Projects B05 (Steeb/Nowak), C04 (Class) and C05 (Huisman/Pohlmeier/Steeb).

The objective is to gain understanding of the effects that micro-scale phenomena have on the macroscopic flow properties.