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The designs of the ride take inspiration from Spider-Man: The Animated Series, mainly from the characters that share an appearance between the show and this. To say Peter Parker had been having a rough day would be an understatement. J. Jonah Jameson; Harley Keener; Summary. To create energy, Monsters, Inc. primarily used children's screams. Sign Up # chuckycheezus# clip# clips# could you pay me in advance# doc ock# doctor octopus# doctor strange# doctor strange reference# j jonah johnson# j. jonah jameson# laugh# laughing# peter parker# scene# scenes# spider man# spider-man# spider-man 2# spider-man … Monsters, Inc. (abbreviated as MI) is the titular energy-producing factory in the 2001 Disney•Pixar animated film of the same name. First his identity was outed to the entire world. New to Gfycat? The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is a 3D dark ride at Universal's Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Japan.The ride follows Spider-Man and his battle against the evil Sinister Syndicate, led by Doctor Octopus himself.

The company is the only place which supplies all the energy for Monstropolis.

Then he found out he wasn't the only Spider-Person in New York City anymore. Its logo is an M with an eye on it, otherwise known as the "M Eyeball." Log in to save GIFs you like, get a customized GIF feed, or follow interesting GIF creators. Then he discovered that not only was Nick Fury NOT Nick Fury, but SHIELD was also still out there.