Its product range includes color cosmetics, skincare, hair care, sun care, and fragrances. This article is all about the world’s top brands of cosmetics products and all are genuine.

The company has direct sales departments running the sales in over 60 countries worldwide.

It is one of the largest’ databases of opinions’ on the internet, with millions of people casting their votes over just as many subjects. Plus, 100% Pure offers a full line of cosmetics and personal care products. The best makeup brands blend natural, effective ingredients with nourishing vitamins and oils in skin care. Having Shraddha Kapoor as the ambassador, it ranked at number 1 among the cosmetics brands in India. You can select any of these brands and enjoy their cosmetic products. Lakme started as a 100% subsidiary of Tata Oil Mills (Tomco). The 20 Biggest Cosmetic Companies in the World. The best advantage of OriFlame cosmetics is, you don’t have to go visit a store to buy them, as they can even be purchased online. Today, L’Oreal generates over USD 30 billion in annual beauty product sales. You may also get different shades of lipstick and skin care products with no harmful chemicals. Every brand from these top 10 brands is best in his own way. It was named after the French opera Lakmé, which itself is the French form of Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) who is renowned for … They're paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and ethically sourced. We’ve also taken the top products from each brand from there.

The very best clean, all-natural, non-toxic makeup brands with products that deliver. Posted on April 6, 2018 by Perry Romanowski. Enter Ilia. While having a good working knowledge of raw materials and formulations is important for being a great formulator, having a working knowledge of the cosmetic industry is just as important for your cosmetic chemist career. To choose the top cosmetic brands in the world right now, we used the popular polling website ‘Ranker’. We love the multi-purpose sticks for travel and a compact makeup collection. This natural cosmetic brand is making formulas from scratch to ensure your makeup is the cleanest it can be. Consumers are increasingly wising up about the ingredients and transparency about where their skincare products come from. Below is the list of top cosmetic brands ranked by women on Ranker. Its high standard of quality has brought over 1.5 billion euros as revenues. Lakme is an Indian cosmetics brand which is owned by Hindustan Unilever and run by CEO Puskharaj Shenai.

Based on natural beauty hacks, these products do not harm skin or cause any adverse effect.

As one of the largest cosmetics companies and top beauty brands in the world, L’Oréal began its journey in the cosmetic industry more than a century ago in 1909.

Don't be surprised when this company becomes your … The brand's natural cleansers and masks detox and refresh skin, and the natural facial scrubs exfoliate and buff away bumps, flakes, and dullness.